A workers’ compensation settlement occurs when an injured person and employer or insurer have a dispute and then reach an agreement on the benefits the worker is eligible to receive. These include medical benefits as well as temporary or permanent disability payments.

There are a few options for workers’ compensation settlements in Downey. A seasoned workers’ comp attorney can provide details about the process and help you decide which approach is best for your particular situation. Call today to schedule an appointment. Our team is ready review your case and make sure you understand your rights.

Agreement to Settle Workers’ Compensation Disputes

When a worker gets hurt on the job, they may be entitled to compensation and medical care. However, the injured party’s employer or the workers’ comp insurance provider may deny a claim for benefits or dispute the total amount of payments the worker receives. When this happens, employees have the right to dispute the decision.

The employer, insurance company, and worker commonly resolve benefits disputes by agreeing on the terms of a settlement. There are two workers’ compensation settlement processes available to workers in Downey: Stipulated Findings Award settlements and Compromise and Release settlements.

Stipulated Findings Award Settlement

A Stipulated Findings Award settlement is an agreement between the employee and insurance company on the total value of Permanent Disability due for the workplace accident. Once the workers’ compensation judge approves the negotiation, the insurance provider pays out the benefits in biweekly installments.

According to the California Labor Code § 10165.5, the advantages of a Stipulated Findings Award settlement include:

  • The judge approves the stipulation without requiring a hearing
  • Future medical treatment remains open and paid for by the insurance
  • The board reviews the terms to ensure the worker is receiving a fair settlement amount
  • The employee has up to five years from the date of injury to apply for more benefits if the injury or illness worsens

An attorney experienced with workers’ comp settlements in Downey can review case specifics and determine if a Stipulated Findings Award is the best course of action.

Compromise and Release Settlement

A Compromise and Release settlement is another form of workers’ compensation agreement between the employee and the insurance provider. In this scenario, the settlement includes an amount for Permanent Disability but also gives money for  estimated future medical treatment costs. The judge will review these findings and decide if it is a fair settlement amount. After approval, the individual will receive one lump sum payment rather than biweekly payments.

The advantages of a Compromise and Release agreement include:

  • Ongoing medical care is in the hands of the injured worker
  • A lump sum payment offers more spending flexibility
  • Allowing the worker to avoid ongoing hearings and litigation
  • The settlement is final and helps avoid more disagreements with the employer and insurer

A Downey workers’ comp settlements attorney could provide more information and answer questions about the benefits and disadvantages of each during the consultation.

Call an Attorney Skilled with Downey Workers’ Compensation Settlements

When you get hurt on the job, the California Department of Industrial Relations oversees the process of applying for workers comp benefits and does not require you to hire legal counsel. However, collecting all the benefits that state laws entitle you to is often complicated, and many find it confusing and frustrating. Things get even messier if you disagree with employers and insurance agencies about the amount of your benefits and are considering a settlement. Do not let this stress interfere with your recovery.

Our hard working team is skilled in workers’ compensation settlements in Downey and throughout the state and can guide you through the process while protecting your rights and best interests. When you need help after a workplace injury, connect with us to schedule an appointment and begin working on your claim right away.

Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Downey

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