When you take a job, you want to do the best you can to provide for yourself and your family. You might understand that some jobs, such as construction work, are more inherently dangerous than other jobs. However, you trust that your employer will do everything possible to keep you safe. Unfortunately, serious workplace accidents, such as crush injuries, occasionally occur.

When you experience a life-altering on-the-job injury, you deserve to collect your rightful workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. The sooner you meet with a qualified Downey crush injury lawyer after your injury, the sooner they can help you determine whether you have a viable workers’ comp claim and begin pursuing the benefits you need.

How Crush Injuries Happen

Many different types of industrial, warehouse, and construction workplaces regularly use heavy equipment, which can cause crushing injuries. People in a wide range of professions suffer crush injuries when they get stuck between two pieces of equipment or machinery or when their finger or other body part gets stuck and crushed between two surfaces.

On large-scale assembly lines, factory workers can experience debilitating crush injuries from heavy machinery when their hands or feet are caught in the wrong place. Construction workers can suffer harm from concrete blocks or other objects falling onto them or from being stuck between a piece of moving construction equipment and a wall. Warehouse workers can be crushed or pinned by heavy forklifts or boxes. Heavy hydraulic lifts can crush car mechanics.

Consequences of Crush Injuries

Crushing injuries often cause debilitating damage. They can severely break and damage bones and other body parts. Even with surgery, some people cannot restore full functioning to the area. Some workers suffer severe nerve damage or disfigurement, leading to paralysis or amputation of the damaged limb.

Our compassionate Downey attorneys have extensive experience helping injured employees pursue workers’ compensation benefits after being involved in crush accidents at work. We could help an injured employee receive the best possible medical care and assist them with connecting their injuries to their job duties, as well as take the lead in ensuring all deadlines are met to avoid delays or denials.

Pursuing Workers’ Compensation Benefits After a Crushing Injury

People who experience workplace injuries are generally eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits from their employer’s insurance plan. Fortunately, injured employees do not need to prove that their employer caused their injury to collect benefits.

Medical Expenses

Crush injuries require immediate and continuing medical care. The workers’ compensation benefits should cover reasonable medical expenses, including surgeries, physical therapy, prescriptions, and medical devices.

Lost Income

Workers’ compensation benefits also reimburse employees for a portion of their lost income for the period they are unable to work while they recuperate from their injuries. If their injury prevents them from returning to any sort of work, they might also be eligible to collect permanent incapacity benefits either weekly or in a lump sum payment in a settlement.

A seasoned Downey attorney from our firm could explain in more detail what benefits an injured worker may be eligible to receive during a consultation.

Speak With a Downey Crush Injury Attorney

Crush injuries are among the most serious types of workplace injuries. They can have lifelong implications and result in permanent disabilities.

If you recently experienced a crushing injury at work, you should speak with a Downey crush injury lawyer from Glauber Berenson Vego as soon as possible. Our team has vast experience helping people like you get the benefits you deserve.

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